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Helor Stance

A stance for quality.

A stance for precision.


As coffee drinkers and coffee makers, we are always in pursuit of perfection. This does not end with the coffee beans.

For many, the perfect manual espresso grinder has been out of reach. The market is full of expensive, cumbersome, complicated machines, hard to maintain and fragile.

Years of research and engineering has resulted in a new grinder. Durable, highly precise, built for consistency, Helor Stance.





The Helor Stance features a unique Unibody design, encapsulating the inner bearing frame, outer burr holder and body, cut from a single cast of stainless steel, ensuring absolute precision of every component. This highly durable design eliminates much of the internal movement that is common among both commercial and hand coffee grinders, also reducing the total number of parts. Making the Helor Stance easily assembled without the need for professional calibration.
With all coffee grinders, the highest grind quality is only achievable with proper alignment. Specially designed odourless ceramic bearings reduce internal clearance and ensure optimal alignment without measure, the highest grind accuracy is always achievable.



Why Alignment Matters?

It has been shown that an important determinate factor in coffee consistency is the output particle distribution from the grinder. A more narrow distribution of coffee particle size allows for a more even extraction when making espresso. Hand grinders often produce a very wide particle distribution due to the instability of the internal mechanism or improper alignment of burrs. The Helor Stance has been engineered for stability, its Unibody design ensuring proper alignment and a consistent particle distribution.




The Helor Stance has been fitted with specialised ceramic bearings. Unlike metals, ceramic is odourless and will not impede the natural flavour of coffee. The use of hardy ceramic bearings will extend the service life of the grinder and fit seamlessly into the Unibody housing without the need for lubricants.


Ease of grind


Another unique feature of the Helor Stance is the first gear-assisted manual grinding mechanism.

Driving a 83mm conical burr sets requires strong forces, this ergonomic system uses a 2:1 gear ratio to easily slice through coffee beans and reduce the strain of hand grinding, a common inconvenience when grinding for espresso.


Tension setting ring.

Make the finest adjustments.


Making well extracted espresso can require many small adjustments. The Helor Stance is designed with an integrated tension setting adjustment ring, an easily traceable and simple way to achieve the finest of grind variations. Steplessly grind coarser or finer simply by turning the ring. Tension settings can also be adjusted to suit your personal preference.






With a body height of just 250mm, the Helor Stance is the most compact grinder available housing 83mm burrs. Elegant in appearance and durably built, the Helor Stance is capable of commercial grind quality without excess.




The Helor Stance is designed to fit two interchangeable 83mm conical burr sets. Sourcing the finest commercially manufactured burrs, the Helor Stance allows for a modified grind profile to suit your demand.





The advanced burr set features burrs from Italmill Grinding Technology, the 12 faceted hardened and tempered steel burrs achieve an excellent degree of grind quality.

Built in Bergamo, Italy.




The Professional burr set features burrs from Mazzer, the precise 10 faceted steel burrs offer a 33% increase in grind path length, resulting in exceptional grind dynamics.

Built in Venice, Italy




Magnetic funnel.


IMG_1820 2.jpg

Helor grinders have been meticulously designed for practicality, efficiency and precision. A catchment funnel is featured at the base of the grinder, built from the same durable stainless steel, this magnetically attached and fully removable funnel offers transmission of grounds directly from grinder to basket, minimising mess and limiting coffee waste.


Built to last.

IMG_1810 2.jpg

Built with excellence and to last, the Helor Stance has the capacity to outlast most grinders on the market. Simple mechanisms, resistant materials and easily replaceable components contribute to its longevity. If any accidental damage does occur, additional or replacement parts are always available at a reasonable price. 



We strive to always develop and innovate when it comes to our products and their features. The Helor Stance has been developed with the capacity for modification and upgrade in the future. One such feature is the addition of a motorised drive to replace manual operation.