Better Quality Coffee Made with Precision and Consistency.


An elegant coffee grinder meticulously crafted to suit your everyday coffee indulgence.

We take no compromise on grinding consistency. And we do not sacrifice durability for precision.

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Helor Flux

World's first manual grinder with 71mm burrs.


Helor Stance

A stance for quality.

A stance for precision.


Better Grind,

Better Flavour.


Why do you need a better grinder?

Your grinder is the most important piece of coffee equipment you own. A good grinder provides a consistent uniform particle size distribution and it’s the foundation of any perfect cup of coffee. The only reason you need to buy a grinder is getting a perfect tasting cup.


Helor 101 Hand Coffee Grinder

  1. Precision

  2. Consistency

  3. Made to endure

  4. Minimalism

Brewing a perfect cup is about taking control of variables. We want you to enjoy great coffee with confidence from what we have designed. There are 4 core aspects that we took into consideration in creating Helor 101: Precision, Consistency, Maintainability, and Minimalism.

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