In pursuit of better coffee.

Helor 101 with plant

As coffee enthusiasts like you, we love our coffee and we care about how your coffee is made. Coffee drinking is an essential routine of our Melbourne based team and we have this down to a science.   

Whether you need a pick-me-up in the midst of a busy day, a cuppa over a good chat, or an indulging drink in the comfort of your own home, the Helor 101 can ensure you get the perfect grind consistency whatever your brewing needs.

As pursuers of the perfect cup of coffee, not only do we focus on a quality grind, but also the build quality is equally important. So coffee lovers make the change today.


Our story


A grinder works by rotating two conical burrs. Due to the rotation, the alignment two burrs will change overtime. Hand grinders on the current market are not able to match our requirements and the moving parts will wear out due to everyday use.

Being precise is one of the main things we focus on. We aim to be consistent with everything we do, and in light of this our grinders have zero maintenance requirements. Because at the end of the day, most of us aren't professional baristas, and we want you to spend less time calibrating your equipment, and more time brewing and enjoying delicious coffee.

Months of research was invested to minimise the number of parts and make it completely easy to take apart and put together again without calibrations during reassembling. Furthermore, all the parts in this grinder are replaceable at a low cost if they are damaged by accident or worn-out, which is unlikely to happen.

Being minimalistic is not what we do to look good, but also to simplify the process of using it and reducing the number of parts used. We cut the grinder body parts out from a whole aluminium alloy block using a high precision CNC machine and this significantly reduces the parts we use to assemble the grinder body since no human error is involved.